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A breakthrough 32-page book for learning to play any keyboard like a professional.  Steve's Easy Ladder of Chord Progression and Dictionary of Chords for Organ / Piano can be yours.  See below for more information.

Some comments about Steve's Book:

"I truly believe 'Easy Ladder of Chord Progression' is the easiest way of learning chords. With Steve's book, it makes it so simple... no guesswork. I would highly recommend this book for teaching chords to anyone." - Nancy Trick, Naples, FL

"Congratulations on your fine book. I have played the organ for 32 years and still found this fine book helpful. I have recommended it to beginners who felt it helped them a great deal." - Wally Dow, Naples, FL

"Your method of illustrating and teaching chords is unique and easy. I want everyone to have the pleasure in music your book has made possible for me." - Joan Gormley, A.I.D., D.I.A., Naples, FL

"Steve Milo's 'Easy Ladder of Chords' is a great way for beginner or advanced musicians to learn basic chords in all keys. Many of our customers use Steve's method of chord progression and we make sure we keep the book in stock at all times." -Bob Daye, President, Daye Music, Naples, FL

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"Steve Milo's 'Easy Ladder of Chords' is only $10.00 plus $3.00 for shipping / handling per copy.


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